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Artist Statement - Abstract Paintings

These paintings are a re-examination of nature.  There’s a psychological shift that occurs with abstract painting.  It opens me so that I may tap into the rhythm of everything around me.  I become a kind of dance partner of nature.  Together, nature and I, we create these rhythms, shapes and patterns in a visual and conceptual space.  My earliest paintings depicted the rhythm of places and objects.  This transformed into expressing the rhythm of the mind.  The landscape became the realm of the unconscious perspective.  Some of these paintings depict an emotional and psychological state of being, while others express a spiritual event or transformation.  Later, the work became an attempt to depict the rhythms that exist beyond the psychological subjective point of view.  The challenge then became how to rhythmically interpret the landscape of multiple dimensions of reality interpreted through the collective unconscious.  Ultimately, I hope the viewer will allow themselves to reflect on how the work makes them feel by projecting their own ideas about its meaning and content.  These pieces should be a screen onto which one can project their own experience.